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August 2010

A slow start to the month, with the car being used daily, as my sole means of transport while, Catherine is at work. One of the small niggles is a slight oil leak from the dipstick hole, so a quick purchase on Ebay, gives me a new dipstick with two rubber rings to seal it a little better.


Since the trip to Stoneleigh back in May, I have been running without the front mesh fitted to the bonnet. On the trip down, it started to come loose, so I removed it, and have never found a way of refitting it I liked.
While playing with the mesh, I thought I would recreate the effect I had on the previous grill. So again I made up a simple mask, by laser printing the logo on to some thick paper and then cutting it out. I will then fix it to the mesh and paint over it.

gtm stencil

Applied the stencil, I made last night, to the mesh and gave it a couple of coats of primer, then some more in red.

stencil on
stencil applied
stencil in primer
coat of primer
red stencil
red applied

Having allowed the grill to dry, I decided to bend the ends up at 90° and then fit two pieces of wood at each end of the opening for the grill to screw on to.

grill in place
grill fixed

A few more additions to the car, I managed to rescue a map light from a MG Midget on one of my trips to the scrapyard, this was fitted on the bottom of the heater. Also I made up a badge for the rear of the car.

home made badge
home made badge
map light
MG map light

The wooden block idea to hold the grill proved to be unsuccessful, as the force of the wind, was causing the wood to come unstuck, as it lacked surface area. I replaced them with a pair of metal "clamps" attached to the hinge area.


On a recent trip to work, I noticed that the steering spigot was loose, so it was welded to the column, this was something I meant to do, but had somehow forgotten !

Steering spigot welded