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MK2 Golf GTi rear Brakes

I know a few people have tried various back brakes, but I'm sticking this here to show how, I'm going about it.
I'm using a set of MK2 Golf GTi rear brakes, the later cars have different calipers but I believe they would work.
I've had them squirreled away now for a while, as I took them when I saw them in the scrapyard.
Golf calipers
Cleaned and painted, replace one bleed nipple.

First the difference between standard Mini flanges and Metro "Vented" flanges, I refused to pay the Turbo premium, as they are the same part.
Metro Flange
A few minutes to remove the extra lugs and we are good to go.
Lugs off

Quick measure to show difference in size.

Mini flange

And Metro flange

Quick Maths 34.65 - 25.98 = 8.67 mm of difference not the 20mm I've seen said online
So once the Metro flange is on, you have a small gap where the Golf brake carrier will fit.

Next step is to machine up a spacer and move the hole in and drill them 10mm to fit the new bolts.
For reference the Golf uses M10 x 1.25 or M10 fine bolts on the carrier.
Drilled the holes to 10mm and moved them in toward the hub, the top by about 5mm, the bottom by about 10mm

Bolted the carriers up and stuck a pad in.

Could do with a little more inwards, but I was using hex headed bolts, and there's not enough to swing them around.
So I bought a set of socket headed bolts, M10x1.25 x 30mm then I gained a little more space.
At the spacer at this moment was the hi-tech 3 washers method, but this is pretty close to whats needed.
If my memory serves me right a M10 washer is 2mm thick, so 6mm spacer required.

Made up a couple of spacers, hewn from a bit of ¼" / 6mm steel plate.
They could of been smaller, as only the lugs touch, but I felt it was easier in one piece, to fit.

Made up a short M10 to 3/8" pipe, to test, and order up a custom flexi if/once it works.

Handbrake cable modifications next. Looked at using the Golf Cables and decide to go with the Coupe (Morris Minor ?) cables.
Chopped the nipple open with a cold chisel, just to get a clean end, wasn't convinced I could clean the end from the years of grease and grime.
This allowed me to pull the cable back inside the outer spiral, and chop approx 30mm off.

Welded a washer on 12mm from the end, and welded on a couple of nuts as a replacement nipple, the first was squashed in the vice to grip the cable, the second was welded to the splayed end of the cable.

And all finished

The Calipers are mounted the wrong way up, to allow a better pull on the hand brake cable, this means to bleed the brakes,
you have to unbolt the lower slider bolt, hinge the caliper up, and between the piston place a piece of wood the thickness of 2 pads and the disk.
This saves the piston moving while you bleed in what ever method you use.