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Taking the EDIS connectors apart

The VR Pickup Sensor Connector

Sensor 1

The rubber wire insulator comes off the back, if you cut the wire just past it. This allows easier removal of the wires and can be feed back on later.

sensor 2
Using a small screwdriver carefully lever out the blue pin retainer. Then there are two small tang on the pin, top and bottom, that when pushed down out of the way releases it, pulling the wire from the back now should allow it out.
sensor 3
The connector disassembled, note the red silicon waterproof seal on the wires. Solder new wires on to the connectors then bend the tang back out if need and push back in the pins and retainer.

Coil Connector

coil 2
Coil 3

Disassembly of the coil connector is similar to the VR Pickup Sensor method above

EDIS Module Connector

Edis 1
At the wire sides of the connector, lift off the black cover, if you pull it up straight it comes out easier. It reveals a silicon waterproof seal which is also gently levered out.
Edis 2
At the other end of the connector the red retainer is clipped out using a small screwdriver.
Edis 3
Using a small screwdriver the individual connectors can be removed, this time there is a small plastic tang that you need to lift inside the plug, then pull the pin/wire out.