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The Car was ordered on the 30th October 1985 from GTM Car, by a Mr Philip Boyes, it was a "C" kit which included all the components required to build the car, also Labour packs 1 to 9 were purchased leaving very little for the original owner to complete, due to his involvement in the Hotel trade.
The build started in Feburary 1986, The engine was fitted in June having been sourced from the owners Mum's Uncles old Mini and treated to a Hitachi car with a K&N filter. July/August saw the pipes being finished and in October the car was sent to Peels Auto Electricians in Keighley, where an apprentice used the dashboard as his exam piece.

Chassis 216C was first registered on 8th May 1987 in Bradford, it carries a CP County code that was allocated to Huddersfield, at that time it was fitted with a 998cc Mini engine.

1st MOT Document

On the 28th December 1991 it changed hands and moved to Royston, where it stayed until 22th October 1992 where it changed hands again and moved to Ilkley.

On the 22nd of June 1994 it was bought and moved to Castleford, where the new owner fitted the 1380 A+ engine removed from a Mini Mayfare, the 1380 engine was built by MED in September/October 1990.

I first found the car back in July 2004 I asked a few questions via email and traveled down to see it in August, at that time I was looking for a car that I could use instantly so decided to see what else was available. I spent the next years watching cars come and go, none of which suited me at the time, so in August 2006 I re-asked about the car and decided that I was more than capable of performing the work needed, On 19th October 2006 it changed hands to myself, and for the first time in it's life to moved well away from the Yorkshire it had come to know.

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