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November 2010

October passed without much being done on the coupé. The alignment adjustments seem to have made all the difference, with the car feeling a lot more stable on the road.

One of the things I have been meaning to do, is to attach the fuel filler cap. This is a requirement on modern car, but a I always have a worry that I will forget to replace it while fuelling, so I used a small length of ball chain, along with a t-bar at the end and dropped it into the tank.

Tethered fuel cap
tethered cap
tethered cap

I have always been meaning to fit an oil pressure gauge, but I felt that a single 2" would look out of place on the dash. While at a classic car show, I noticed that a MG1300 was fitted with a combination gauge, that replace the fuel/temp with a fuel/temp/pressure equivalent. Since then I have been keeping an eye out on Ebay for one, of course, two showed up ending within hours of each other. I was outbid on the first, but an offer on the second was accepted.

MG1300 dash (taken with phone)
Smiths combination gauge
Smiths combination gauge

A few changes will be needed, first is to paint the insides in white to match the other gauges, rather than the light blue currently in use. However it has given me the idea to play with a few colours of L.E.Ds to see how the gauges would look. The second modification is to add a couple of tell-tell lights for the indicators and fog lights.
First step was to open the gauge, then remove the movements. Having done this they were masked to prevent paint, marking the fronts.

blue gauge
blue inside of gauge
gauge stripped
mechanisms removed
gauge masked

A few months ago, I was asked to submit a couple of photographs and a small write up to Mini Magazine for their "Your Mini" feature, so in Decembers issue, not only do I feature, but I made it to the index page also.

index page
your mini
your mini

Having measured and drilled a couple of hole, for the warning lights, it was time to give the inside a coat of white paint.

gauge painted
insides painted

Having let the paint dry, I reassembled the gauges, including a slightly modified green lens from the dual gauges, then gave it a little test.

gauge lit
gauges lit

On a rather snowbound day, the pressure sensor to match the gauge arrived.
I had done a bit of research on the web, and a Smiths PTR1810-1-10 seemed to have the values required, a quick check on the compressor, showed 240Ω at 0psi, 103Ω at 40psi and 33.4Ω at 100Psi, just what was needed.
Hopefully the snow will clear, allowing me to fit the sender and gauge.

smiths PTR1810-1-10
Smiths PTR1810-1-10

The end of the month sees the coupé snowed in once more, so this along with a few other time consuming things. Means it will be a little time until any other work gets done.

snow 2010
Snow covering