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September 2006

I first started looking for a Coupé back in 2004, I found this car in Castleford and in July of 2004 went to see the car. It had been loitering at the back of a Pallet/Painting company's premises since 1994. It all seemed mechanically ok, but the bodywork, and interior were looking a little tired. At the time I decided to keep looking.
Over the years I looked at a few more Coupé's, but many were in no better condition, or had fairly low spec engines, and high asking prices.
So I asked about the Castleford car again and found it was still for sale 2 years later, as I had previously visited, and knew the condition, I bought it and started to make arrangements to pick the coupé up.

Engine Bay
Engine Bay
Engine Bay
Front View
Front Right
Front Left
View in back window
Rear Right View Rear View Rear Left View
Engine Cover Right Side View Rear 3/4 View
Under Bonnet

Thanks to Jonathan Hindle for the photo's

Under Bonnet