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September 2011

After a rather quiet August, the first Sunday in September turned out to be a bright, sunny day for the Motormania, event in the wonderful town of Grantown on Spey.
After a beautiful drive up we entered the Cairngorms National Park, and parked up in the square. Once we had had our complimentary coffee and rowie, we headed off to visit some of the 350 vehicles on show, only with the various stalls.
The event finished off with a parade out of the square, led by the pipe band.

Motormania program
official program
Motormania line
Lovely weather
Motormania program
Jaguar V12 special
Austin Healey Sprite
Re-engined sprite
Rover K series
Rover K series
Motormania program
Cars fill Square
Motormania program
Right in middle
Motormania program
Pipe band guard of honour

With the MOT looming for the coupé, I needed to check the car over.
I knew from my trip to Motormania that the brake lights were once more working intermittently, and I suspected the switch. This switch was only fitted in March, so this time I decided to reduce the pipe work a little, in case vibration was the source of the problems and plan to include a relay in the circuit, at a later date.
This time I bought a Lucas PB401 switch as this is a 3/8" UNF fit, the same as the 4 way distribution block, this means I no longer need the short pipe and mix of fittings I had before.
Due to where the block was fitted, close to the fuel tank, I had to reposition it slightly and make/modify a couple of pipes.
As all this work would mean bleeding all the brakes, I took the chance to replace the rear brake cylinders with a set of Early MGB GT wheel cylinders, as these Lucas GWC 1122 have 7/8" bore rather than the 0.8" bore previously fitted. This will give me more braking effort at the rear, that I can always limit using the bias valve inside the car.

brake switch
new brake switch
brake relay
Planned brake relay wiring
big rear cylinders
bigger rear cylinders