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Setting your tracking

I had noticed that the tyres were starting to "feather" quite badly and the steering was a little imprecise, suggesting that, something wasn't right.

tyre feathering

First job was to "string" the car. This means setting up two parallel lines to take measurements from. To do this I fastened some fishing line to the rear wheel, then using a spray can lid as a spacer, I tied it to an axle stand.
I then checked the alignment off the sills of the car, and made sure it was parallel to them. This was repeated on the nearside of the car.

String in place

Once the string was square it was a case of measuring the distances from the string at the front and rear of the wheels. The difference between the two measurements were then worked out,(rear1+rear2)-(front1+front2), to give the toe in, in my case it was over 25mm!.

toe measurement
toe measurement

To adjust the toe, it is just a case of screwing the trackrod end on further. So the locknut was loosened, then using molegrips it is screwed further on, making sure the adjustment was even at each side. The sizes were then checked again, and once with 1mm of toe at each side the locknuts were tightened again.

toe adjust
toe adjustment