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Alloy wheel refurbishment

The wheels on the coupe weren't in too bad condition,however I decided to re-paint the wheels to look a little more modern.
First step was to get the wheels off the car, give them a good wash, followed by a coating of NitroMors.
While doing this, be sure to have goggles,rubber gloves, facemask and do it in the open air as the stuff is a strong acid, for the full safety sheet read here.

This caused the paint to bubble up and a quick power wash saw the most of the paint gone, a second treatment saw the wheels ready to give a light sanding.

Wheels off
coat of nitromor
close up
bubbling up
wheels washed
power washed
ready to sand

Once the wheels had dried over night, they were given a rub with 600 grit wet & dry to key the surface.  Looking at the tyres, I decided to keep only the one tyre, so there was no point in masking the rest.  I started with a spray with etch primer, sanded, and a second coat applied.  Then, after another sanding, a gloss black top coat was applied. This was given 24 hours to harden, then sanded again.

wheels masked
Wheels mask
etch primer
Etch primer
wheels drying
primer drying
wheels in black
all black now

After another coat of paint and 24 hours to dry the wheels were ready for a finishing touch. So some fluorescent red wheels stripes were applied, to be on the safe side, I applied a layer of clear lacquer just to seal everything down.

wheels with stripe
Wheels with stripes
wheel dull
Stripe in normal light
wheel bright
Stripe with flash light
wheel at night
Stripes at night
wheels with lacquer
Lacquered Wheels