Ranger Cub Page 4

January 2024

The new year started with a couple of jobs to be done.
When we went for out pre-xmas run it was notable that there was little places to keep anything in the cub. So a couple of storage nets were bought and fitted on both side panels.
While working on a couple of my neighbours cars, where I fitted a couple of lightbars for them, I wondered how one would look on the Cub. So I ordered up a 38" curved bar for above the screen. A couple of brackets were made up to keep it as low a possible, and the wires were fed down the screen supports to a suitable relay and switch. In use it really lights up the view ahead.
At the rear I fitted a LED hi-level brake light, better to have something at peoples eyeline at the back so I can be seen. Again the wires were hidden down inside the rollbar that is fitted to the Cub.

storage nets
Storage nets
LED lightbar
LED Hi-level brake light

Also during the run, it was found that visability in the mirrors was lacking, so I took the chance to move them to the windscreen surround where a much better view was possible.

Relocated mirrors