Ranger Cub Page 2

November 2023

November started with replacing the thermostat housing. While working on the radiator last month, I noticed the gasket was looking split. On removal of the housing I found it was split in two. I also discovered no thermostat was fitted. So these were all replaced/fitted.

Housing split
Housing split
thermostat fitted
Thermostat fitted
thermostat fixed
New housing fitted

On filling the radiator up, I found that the heater was leaking, this made me start to think that the Cub had been sitting with no anti-freeze in it. This was to be confirmed once I had the radiator out, by the fact that one of the core plugs had moved, and a second was leaking. These were replaced and the engine was watertight once again. After testing the water was drained and refilled with a 50/50 mix this time.

Heater core split
Heater core split
new coreplug
New coreplug

When I got the Cub, it was fitted with a rear towbar. While doing the rear electrics last month, I had disconnected the wiring. As I have no real need for towing with the car, I took the chance to remove the tow hitch and cut off the extension added to the chassis. I then welded up the holes left, seam sealed it, and repaired the rear body work, along with removing what was left of the bumper. I also made a start on some more bodywork, by filling up any unnecessary holes in the floors/seat pan/dashboard and grinding back the old, failing, filler on the joins of the front clam. These are not finished yet, as I was approaching a deadline in December where I had plans to use the Cub.
towbar removed
Tow hitch removed

The front of the Cub is fitted with traditional Hi/Lo suspension, however the rear is just the standard cones. With a few spares from the Coupe available the rear single trailing arm was fitted with a coil spring and adjustable cone replacement. We shall see how it feels when I get to use the Cub.

Rear spring

With the end of the month approaching, I replace the right hand trackrod end cover which as split. Then the rear numberplate light was treated to some new LED bulbs, as one was fused and the other discoloured.

trackrod split
Cover split
cover replaced
Rear LEDs

The final part of the preperation this month was to visit my local scrap yard, and find a couple of suitable lapbelts and buckles. There were fitted to the mounts and the seats tried for size.