Owners Gallery

There was as far as I know only 500 Saloon and 100 Wagon limited edition STi II 555's were made, here some of them.

UK Owners - Oversea's owners - Non STi 555 limited editions

Andy Porter, Surrey England
Ed Hunt, Surrey England
Will Prout, Wiltshire England
Mr Ed, England
Andrew Searle, England
Clive Brown, Surrey England
Pete, England
Andy Brown, Northamptonshire England
Tim, Cheshire England
Darren Stapleton, England
Gavin Varley, Nottingham, England
John Knight, England

Robert Hamilton
James Moore
Tom Read
Sean Spooner, England

We manage to have a get together in Sept 2003, Pictures can be see here


Oversea's Owners


Soi ? Japan

Masaaki Yamamoto Japan

Kacky Japan

Amayu Japan

At last a 5 door version
Charlies Japan


Lloyd , NewZealand

Corry, NewZealand
Thanks to Ben Orchard for the Photo's


Steven Jenkins, Sweden


Non STi 555 Limited editions

Subaru produced a number of 555 limited edition for various marketplaces, these are some I know of.


Yvo T, Netherlands
Mischa, Holland


Kevin Masure, Belgium



Nicolas Pradier, France

Pascal Courant, France


Know of any others?

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