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April 2007

After a weeks holidays at the begin of the month, where I managed to fit in a visit to Mini spares to buy a few bits and pieces. I started to strip the front subframe of its fittings and wire brushed the subframe ready to paint. A few coats of Hammerite soon had it looking a bit better.

Front Subframe stripped for painting
Front Subframe stripped for painting
subframe painted
Subframe painted

The fitting on the front of the car were also given a coat of paint just to protect them a bit. I also need to check out the local scrap yard to see if I can find a better fan for the radiator.

Fittings also painted

I also took the chance to tidy up the wiring in the car, and fit a plug/socket to the front bonnet loom that will allow me to remove it when needed.

Raided the local scrap yard today, and managed to pickup a suitable looking radiator fan, complete with cowling. Fits a lot better than it looks, with only a small amount of overhang that can be easily faired in.

radiator fan
Rover Radiator Fan

In order to keep the oil pressure in the engine at a reasonable level, I drilled and threaded the oil gallery plug so I could fit a set screw to it. Using a cut down spring, this allows me to adjust the pressure that the plunger lifts from it's seat.

Oil gallery plug
Oil gallery plug