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May 2007

Started with another few days away, but did manage to get a few things done.

As the weber carb hasn't any fitting to allow the oil breather to be fed into the intake, I've fitted both with small "K&N" style filters, so that they don't pull any grit into the engine.

Oil breather filter
Oil breathers filter

When I had the front "clam" off to paint the sub-frame, I fitted a better plug/socket that the electrical connection block that was there before, still need to seal the rear with a little silicon.

front light plug
Front light plug

The engine cover had a few holes drilled in it when I got the car, I plan to fit a bit of mesh , it preparation for this, and to allow me to check various clearances, I opened the holes up into one, rather jagged hole.

engine cover with hole
engine cover with hole

As I had said before I was planning to re-plumb the coolant system, I got a suitable header tank from a Nissan Vanette at the local scrap yard, it fits in the corner of the engine bay perfectly. The original tank only had the one connection, where with 2 this tank will hopefully stop any air-locks.

header tank

The new jets for the weber arrived, so I got them fitted, and cleaned up the exhaust manifold at the same time.

weber fitted
Weber Fitted

The oil pressure adjuster I made, was fitted, allowing the engine to be started for the first time in a good few months. Surprisingly it started and run first time.

oil pressure adjust
oil pressure adjuster

The rear lights that were on the car, a set of Wipac Pentalights, had a few cracks on the lens. I had looked at various replacements, but finally decided on a set of Aspöck systems Ecopoint rear lights. These were fitted to several of the trucks you see on the road, but this set had no central reflective triangle.

tail lights
new tail lights