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April 2008

Well no jokes today, but it lives,
Look ma, no distributor.

August 2007 was the last time the Coupé was sitting on all four wheels, but eventually fitting the rear suspension and putting the engine back onto its mounts, means that the car is mobile once again.

4 wheels back on
4 wheels back on coupé

At the moment it seems that I'm taking more off the car than I'm putting on. Now that it's not needed I removed the distributor, and the driveshaft from the engine block, all I need to do now is make up a blanking plug for the hole left.

Distributor removed
Distributor removed

Also as the Megajolt unit can run "shift lights" I modified the rev counter to carry 5 LED's. As I approach the rev limit it will light sequentially.

rev counter with led
rev counter with leds

Spent a little time getting the LEDs wired up and it all seems to work on the bench. Decided on two green, a yellow, a red, and a high brightness blue. Hopefully that will catch my attention when needed.

LEDs lit
LEDs all lit up

A few people on the megajolt forum have been commenting on how, difficult/dangerous it is to use the laptop keyboard during tuning on the road. So I decided to take an old USB keyboard and convert it into a more usable form. I removed the control board from the old keyboard, and soldered on three press switches where I needed them.

reduced keyboard
Reduced keyboard

Another month is almost past and I have finally managed to rewire the dash. Several hours of measuring wire, soldering and then wrapping the loom has made a difference.

dash wired
Dashboard wired

While I was working on the dash, I made a small modification, due to the fact we don't get a lot of fog here

fog light
Fog warning light