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April 2009

Started the Easter break with another trip to the scrap yard, was looking for a replacement wiper arm, but came home with a high level brake light from a Rover. As the light housing was designed for a sloping rear window, I carefully broke the heat welded housing and separated the light into 3 parts, the diffuser, fresnel lens and the led strips it's self. All I need to do now is to find a way of mounting it above the rear window.

lights complete width
complete lights
lights seperate
lights separated
glowing lights
lights on

Spent the morning having a look around the Auto-Jumble at the local transport museum, coincidentally called the Grampian Transport Museum, rewarded me with, what I think is a Morris Marina Coupé badge.

coupè badges
Morris Marina badge

A few weeks ago I decided to remove the engine, for a check over, clean up, and to allow easier access to a few bits of rust in the "engine bay". So I jacked the whole rear of the car up, removed the 8 securing bolts and with the body held in place, lowered the engine out from under the car. Once out, I put the engine into a wheelbarrow and took it round the back of the house. Will need to get a cheep tarpaulin, before I start cleaning the oil and grime off tomorrow.

engine out
ready to move
engine on barrow
engine on barrow
engine proped up
ready to clean

Started the clean up, by laying some polythene sheet with a tarpaulin to keep the slabs clean, then a quick Cillit bang and a jet wash removed the worst of the grime. Allowing me to start stripping the engine and lift it from the subframe.

dirty engine
Ready to start cleaning
engine cleaned
cleaned up a little
engine on barrow
engine separated from subframe

As the forecasted rain was past by mid-morning, I gave the exhaust a quick wire-brush and sand, followed by a coat of Hi-temp paint, and hung it up to dry in the sun.

exhaust hung up
hung up to to dry

After a final clean, I started to strip the engine down, first off was the engine mount and the speedo drive housing, followed by the diff housing, side plates and the diff it's self. All look in excellent condition, with very little gunk and staining showing on the gearbox casing.

clean engine
Final Clean
speedo housing
speedo housing
diff houseing
diff housing

Finished off the day, by cleaning and then priming some of the engine brackets,pipes and gear selector, ready for painting.

more primer

A return of the bad weather curtailed my activities, with only a second coat of primer on the parts, then a quick tidy up of the area, as with the Easter weekend approaching, I needed to reclaim the patio.

what is it
Hidden engine
subframe in garden

Nothing major today, with an extra pair of hands available, I moved the bodywork, further up the trailer, meaning that the other cars now fit on the drive.

no wheels on car
body work secured

A showery day allowed me to clean and paint a few more bits and pieces.

black parts
Primed and painted
speedo housing
Gear linkage primed
gear support
gear change support cleaned
subframe cleaned

A warm sunny day allowed the painting to progress, including the "space-frame" in the rear of the car.

black parts
Painted parts
black parts
Painted gear linkage
black parts
Painted gear linkage support
black parts
Painting subframe
black parts
Painted subframe
black parts
Painted auxiliaries
painting in engine bay
Painting in engine bay

A few days holiday, allowed me to visit various mini and motorsport stores and produced a few parts needed, to complete the engine clean up and refit. The list runs to Cone Compressor, back "front" brake hoses, 50psi oil pressure switch, Dsuz fastener tool, fuse box, weber "O" rings plus fittings, various gaskets, alloy rocker cover, thermostat housing, seals for the rod change in the diff and a Polarn pump.

cone compressor
Suspension cone compressor
brake hoses
Front brake hoses
misc parts
Bits and pieces
Rocker cover
Rocker Cover and thermostat housing

Started the clean up of the parts I had bought when on holiday. The rocker cover at some point in its life had been painted black, and had "Do Not Touch" lettering applied. I decided to strip the paint off, ready for a repaint in a yet to be decided colour. A few minutes with a wire brush in the angle grinder had the bulk removed, and a while later, some sandpaper had removed 99% of the paint. While the grinder was out, I cleaned up the thermostat housing, and place both in the dishwasher for a nice hot wash.

black rocker cover
black rocker cover
rocker half DONE
rocker cover half done
misc parts
rocker cover done
thermostat housing
inside dishwasher
in the washer

After the rinse in the dish washer, it was time for a quick coat of primer.

rocker cover in primer
Painted in primer
rocker half primed
another coat needed

After a few coats of primer, and having decided on a colour scheme. It was time for a coat of gloss black, unfortunately I managed to run out of paint before I finished the rocker cover. So it looks like an early morning trip is needed to pick-up some more, tomorrow.

rocker cover painted

Picked up some paint and continued painting the rocker cover.
While it was drying I stripped the suspension off the subframe, and at the same time removed the brake pipes, this turned out to be quite a problem, resulting in me having to cut the pipes and remove the brake cylinders to get them into a vice. But they released with no damage to anything I wasn't replacing.

rocker in gloss
Nice shine
no suspension
Suspension removed
rear cylinder
rear brake cylinder
rear brake
rear brake parts

As the rain returns, I head inside to start adding the red highlights to the rocker cover. Using a "foam" brush I have dabbed on a layer of red paint.  Once it's dried, I will add a few more layers.

red highlights
fins painted red

Finished off the rocker cover and removed the masking tape. Not to bad a job, and a nice touch I think.

red highlights
Red fins

Spent most of the day painting various part of the car. The suspension arm were given a oat of black hammerite, the clutch arm was primed and painted black, then the engine was given a coat of red.  Hopefully now that is most of it covered and it's just a case of putting it back together.

rocker finished
Finished rocker cover
clutch arm
Clutch arm
Engine block
engine block
Suspension arms

Another ebay purchase arrived today, in the form of a pair of rear brake cylinders. In an effort to produce more braking force at the rear, I have swapped the existing 11/16" Mini cylinder for a pair of 0.8" Austin 1300 cylinders.

rear cylinders
rear cylinders

Now the paint was dry on the subframe, I took the chance to weld in a pair of 10mm set screws on each suspension tower. The existing ones, having come loose when unbolting the subframe, meaning I had to cut them off at the time.

tower with bolts

In preparation for the larger rear cylinders being fitted, I cut the rear brake lines, and inserted a brake proportioning valve, this will allow me to adjust the pressure of the rear brakes and stop them locking before the front does.  Still need to drill a hole, and fit a bracket, but those need to wait until the gear change is re-fitted.

proportioning valve
Bracket and hole still needed
Matching Choke pull