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May 2009

Started the month with some more painting, this time up inside the towers.  While it was drying I fitted the bigger brake cylinders. This needed a quick modification to the back plate, then a quick game of fit the E-clip ! But once on nothing seems to catch.

cylinder fitted
cylinder fitted
ccliper fitted
E-Clip on at last

With the brakes done it was time to start reassembling the engine. The smaller components were bolted back on, then the end cover, and diff housing where cleaned up and any old gasket removed, before that too were bolted back on.

cleaned up
cleaned up
Brackets back on
diff fitted
Diff and end cover on

With the end covers back on, I could tighten the crank pulley bolt, this needs the flywheel to be jammed, with a rather handy tool, borrowed from a colleague at work.  Once it was tight, I checked the position of Top Dead Center, and highlighted the marks, for later.

flywheel lock tool
flywheel locked
crank pulley
crank pulley bolt done up

While the engine was out, I took the chance to replace the plastic clutch pipe with copper. The pipe was threaded down the central tunnel, then each end was flared and screwed home. At the same time, I decided to mask and prime the master cylinders.

new pipe
new pipe
cylinders masked
Masked and primed
cylinders masked
now black

Nothing much for a day or two as the bad weather returns, but a nice evening after work, allows the engine to be filled of oil, and the alternator and starter re-attached allowing the engine to be spun over. The oil pressure switch was set to 45 psi and after a few seconds, it opened, so it looks like the spring will need to be shortened inside.

part back on
engine almost ready

After a few day with no progress, I finally made up some spring brackets for the clutch and have now fitted all the parts back to the engine, knowing that some will need removed before fitting, but it seems ready to go.

al back on
engine now ready

Foul weather has slowed progress, again, but a small break in the rain, allowed me to enlarge the holes in the rear space-frame to allow 10mm bolts to be used, and give the inlet manifold a quick clean and polish.

holes drilled
holes enlarged
inlet polished
inlet polished

After replacing the joining pieces in the coolant pipes, it was time to get the subframe and engine re-united.  This time they were transported to the car, apart and assembled on the drive.  Unfortunately we run out of time to fit it to the body shell, meaning the assembly had to be tucked under the rear of the trailer, to allow the other cars back on the drive.

engine and subframe assembled
together again
Tucked under car
tucked under car
Little space

The start of another dry weekend, allows me he chance to jack the bodywork up and wheel the engine back underneath. A slow decent to allow the tower bolts to line up, along with the four bolts at the front of the subframe, and the engine is back when it is meant to be. With a few hours left, I manage to attach a few of the steadies and pipes. The only struggle is the speedo drive, that seems to be placed where only a contortionist could reach it.

bodywork raised
body work raised
engine wheeled in place
engine wheeled under
back in
back in place