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August 2007

Three days in a row, I've managed to get a little time to work on the car. Today's job was to fit the "Hi-Lo" trumpets I had to the front.
Just as well I did, as when I removed the passengers side trumpet it seem to have been attacked by mice at some point :).

Mouse attacked cone
Looks like mice
Adjustable cone fitted
Adjustable trumpet fitted

Since fitting the Weber, I never got around to fitting a air filter. I fitted a Pipercross foam "sock" type filter as I was unsure how much clearance I had for a more solid type. Some people doubt the ability to flow air, but we will wait and see.

Pipercross air filter
Pipercross Air filer

The back suspension didn't prove to be so easy to change, it confirmed my suspicions that the rear rubber springs were in a bad condition, when removed the metal ring at the top had almost all rusted away. The top arms weren't much better, with the pin and race all corroded together, meaning they had to be cut to remove the arms.

Rubber springs corroded
Rear rubber springs
Pipercross air filter
Top arms