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July 2007

Weather has got no better this month, but with holidays looming I hope to get some work done. Spending 2 weeks away at the start of the month, but hope to get a visit to Maranello, might be able to steal some ideas there ;) .

Height adjustable cones
Height adjustable trumpets

Only changes have been a set of "Hi-Lo" type height adjustable trumpets that I bought, the front suspension seems at a reasonable height, but the rear need raised a little, this may be due to the rubber "do-nuts" collapsing, but as these are standard I can get then if needed when I investigate later.


Back from Italy and started to get some work done on the GTM. Before I replace the brake pipes, it seems wise to check the brake calipers over first. I removed both calipers from the car and popped the pistons out using a little air pressure to help me.

removing piston
removing piston using 90 PSI

All four pistons came free quite easily (if you call 90psi easy) and were in remarkable good condition. All that's needed is a quick tidy up of the calipers before I refit them.

Caliper ready to paint
Caliper ready to paint

Managed to get the first few coats of paint on this morning, using Very High Temperature exhaust and manifold paint.

Caliper painted
Calipers given first coat

Back on the car, along with replacement brake-pipes, and Goodridge braided hoses. Don't worry about the state of the brake disks as these are new and only have surface rust on them. The photo makes them look worse than they are.

new brake pipes
Calipers back on car