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The car is now off the road for the next few month, so having changed the brake fluid last month. It was time to move on to swapping the other fluids and drive-belts. These had been left on the engine just so I could get it running.
First on the list was to swap the cam-belt and tensioner. This meant removing the top part of the cover, lining the timing marks up, then removing the crank pulley and lower cover. Once these were off, it was a case of undoing all the engine mounts, allowing it to drop enough to get the old belt off. The tensioner is a simply idle pulley that can be adjusted in and out as needed.

cover off
Upper cover off
crank bolt
crank-bolt out
belt removed
timing belt removed

A new Gates belt and tensioner has been ordered, and as soon as it arrives then it will be a case of replacing it, and remounting the covers and engine.

The post has now arrived and I now have a Gates K015237XS Powergrip kit, ready to fit to the car

Gates K015237xs
Gates powergrip
Powergrip kit
5237 XS-76124

With the new belt delivered, it was a case of cleaning the surface rust off the block where the tensioner fits, then checking the marks all aligned and looping the new belt on. The tensioner is left loose, then the crank it rotated by 3 teeth to tension the belt, then the spring loaded tensioner is tightened. I then rotated the engine a few time, checking that the timing marks aligned every 2nd turn of the crank.

With all seeming well, I took the chance to clean up the TDC marks on the crank pulley and highlight then with paint, before I fit it back on.

Belt on
belt on
marks aligned
timing marks aligned
engine rotated
crank pulley
crank pulley marks

Final thing was to label the cam-belt cover to show when the belt was last done.

Label applied

Next on the list of things to be done, was to change the oil/filter.

The engine was run up to temperature before, the old oil was drained and the filer removed. This was left overnight to make sure that most of the old oil was removed. The old filter was a Blueprint ADS72101, but it was replaced by a Mann W610/6 instead. As well as changing the oil, I took the chance to replace the drain-plug for one with a magnet attached. Once the plug and filter was replaces it was a case of filling it with 3.5 Liters of 20W50 oil. It was again run up to temperature, where rather worryingly some oil appeared to be leaking, but this turned out to be some previously spilt oil, dripping once the engine moved.

oil drained
oil drained
oil filter
blueprint ADS72101
magnetic plug
drainplug fitted
drainplug fitted
Mann w610/6
filling oil