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November 2017

With quite a small battery fitted to the car, which to be honest I've never had a problem with, I wanted a way to jump start the car, without having to open the front clam. So after a bit of careful measuring, I managed to fit an Anderson connector to the side of the central tunnel. This is rated at 175Amps so should be good to power the car/starter. It is wired back to the nearby cut-off switch, with a couple of grommets protecting the wiring as it passes through the metal.

Holes Marked & drilled
Paint touched up
Plug fitted

Due to the fact the battery is wired directly to the Anderson connector, I decided to order up a cover, along with a pair of sockets to attach to a jump lead.

Cover fitted

The new connectors were filled with solder and the cables inserted, this gives a nice neat,strong connection. One of the connectors was fitted with a pull handle to allow easy use.

soldered up
joined up

I had notice, earlier on, that the bigger master cylinder was fitted to the rear brakes instead of the front. I had planned on swapping the pipes around, however I then realised that swapping the cylinders around was easier. Once the ends were re-flared I bled the brakes using my ezzibleed along with a rather Heath Robertson set-up on the compressor to supply 16psi.

balance bar
master cylinders swapped
bleed kit