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February 2007

Started February by having a look at the heater, again. One of the problems other owners have found is that the air output is quite lacking. A few have solved it by fitting a Ford Sierra motor, one owner shortened the shaft and fitted only the one "side" of the setup. An other had fabricated the housing from a Honda Civic onto the back of the unit.

I noticed that the over all lengths could be made very similar by fitting the Ford motor with the original Mini fans.

Original Ford setup
original Ford Sierra fan motor removed from housing
Original Austin Setup
Mini fan motor removed from heater housing
Fans off Ford part
Fans removed from drive shafts
Fans off Mini Part
Mini fans treated similarly
Hybrid made up of parts
mini fans fitted to Ford motor

Very little progress, this month, due to weather conditions being against me, but did manage to get a few more coats of paint on the fuel tank. Also spent a little time filling the ignition switch hole on the steering column cowl.

Silver fuel tank
Petrol tank painted silver
Steering Column Cowl
Steering Column Cowl filled
Hole in cowl filled
Hole filled and in primer

After a few attempts I managed to acquire a Weber 45 DCOE carburettor off ebay, will need re jetted to match the engine but should be a small improvement on the HIF44 that's currently fitted.

Weber 45 DCOE 9
Weber 45 DCOE purchased