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January 2007

Started the year by pulling the dash out of the car,
I was a bit concerned when I removed the radio, back in November, that the wiring looked like a lot of it was held together by insulating tape.
I had planned to swap the switches anyway, and add a ignition switch with "fighter" style cut-off and a start button, rather that use the ignition key switch that had a steering lock fitted, that I wasn't very keen on having on a, mainly, track car.

Back of dash
Rear of gauges and switches showing wiring

Back of dash
Rear of dash

Front of dash
Front of dash

No dash installed
Dash removed from car

Front of dash close up of switches
The original switches
Front of dash close up of switches
The new toggle switches installed

Next on the list of things that needed checked, was the heater unit, this is a Mini unit but suffers from the lack of an outside air feed, I'll have to see what can be done about this. But firstly it needs a check over and a clean up.

No heater in place
Heater removed
Mini heater unit
Mini heater unit

Once the heater was out I decided that the pipes to the matrix exited on the wrong side, so as is common on the Mini's I decided to reverse the matrix so that the pipes exited from the passengers side, this should allow more space at the drivers side, where I hope to fit an external air intake.

Drivers sideplate
Drivers sideplate, showing matrix pipe exit
original passengers sideplate
Passengers side plate
marked out passengers sideplate
Passengers sideplate marked out for drilling
passengers sideplate with holes drilled
Passengers sideplate with new holes drilled
Heater Together Again
Heater re-assembled
Heater Together Again
Heater showing blanked off holes
Heater Together Again
Heater showing re-positioned matrix pipes
Heater Together Again
Heater showing cold intake swapped sides

Managed to win a set of "bucket" seats on Ebay, and traveled to Glasgow to pick them up. The seats had been previously fitted to a Triumph Spitfire, but were in excellent condition.

Seat won on Ebay
Seats won on ebay

More of the interior had been removed, the carpets and both seats were removed so I could check out the condition of the floor panels, these seem fine, so it will mainly be a case of removing the existing glue/paint and re-coating in epoxy paint and rubber matting.

Seats removed
Seats removed from Car