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February 2009

Having removed the distributor when I fitted the Megajolt, I was left with a large hole in the block. At the time all I could find was a rubber door stop, that fitted the space. But I managed to acquire a distributor blanking plug from one of the members of The Mini forum , he had made one to fit his own car, and had enough materials left over to make some more.

blanking plug
blanking plug

Once the snow clears a little, I will get it fitted into place.

A lull in the weather allowed me out to carry on sanding the front of the car. Who needs wet and dry, when you can have wet and cold. After thirty minutes I had to give up, as lack of feeling in my hands, made checking for smoothness impossible. One it warms up again, a further skim coat should see it finished.

Front sanded

Having removed the rear plate, I got a new one made up, as this plate had space at the side to allow fitment of a "GB" logo, I cut the plate down to the minimum legal size. When viewed side by side this is quite a bit of unused number plate.

cut plate
cut down number plate

As the area where the plate fits isn't quite flat, I made a small aluminum plate to flush off the area. This will allow me stick the plate in place, rather than have visible bolts.

backing plate
backing plate in place
plate back on
back plate in place

A dry evening with a good forecast for the weekend, allowed me to add another coat of P40 to the bumper, and another 90 minutes of sanding, had the profile just about right.

more sanding
more Sanding

The last day of the month allowed me to wash the worst of the P40 dust off and allow it to dry. While waiting I made a template for the grill aperture, then transfer it to some perforated aluminum. This resulted in a grill, that I need to, still, find a way to fit, and some interesting cuts on my hands & fingers.

grill template
new grill
new grill

Now that the P40 had been washed clean and dried, I added a further layer of P38 filler to smooth it off. Once set I will need to begin sanding once more!

Coating of p38

Back to sanding, seems that most of the P38 will land up as dust, but a quick sand has most of the dips filled. I think I am starting to suffer from white knuckle with the amount of vibration from the sander. But once the tingling dies down I think I will give it one more skim over.

p38 sanded
after sanding p38

A final skim coat of P38 and some more sanding, had the bumper area ready for some hi-build primer and a final wet sand, before painting.

p38 final sand
final sand of p38