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January 2010

Started another year, the first with the Coupé on the road.
However plans for a quick start of the year run, was foiled by the snow returning every day, resulting in the Coupé becoming a snowdrift once more.

There's a car under there

Five days later and still the snow keeps coming, I keep wanting to start the Coupé, but its now under quite a mound of snow, which I guess is acting as quite a good insulating layer, and with temperatures at -16oC over night it needs it.

It's getting deeper

Day fourteen and just came back from an aborted run to Tesco for Fuel in the Coupè. My wife was in the lead in our CLK, when I though something had broken at the rear of the Coupe, as we descended a slight hill outside the village, because the car was snaking this way and that, we stopped on the next straight to see what it was, to discover I could hardly stand once out of the car! The whole road was sheet ice.
As we were getting ready to turn around, a police Range Rover arrived behind to see if we were o.k. and told us the road was like that all the way from Inverurie (about 12 miles) and she had already passed other cars off the road.

Black ice
Local Newspaper report

Another ebay buy, this time from only a street away, managed to get me a red leather gear gaiter, this was used on a Mini so the size should be right.

Gear stick gaiter

On yet another trip to work, I discovered that the wipers were stopping on the screen, wherever they were when turned off. This is a common problem with the park switch on the Lucas wiper motor fitted, so I removed the motor from the under bonnet area, and stripped off the switch. As a temporary measure, I opened the housing with a blade, removed most of the sticky grease, and cleaned up the contacts.
While I had the wipers apart, I took the chance to swap over the cogs for a 130o cog, rather than the 110o one fitted. Hopefully tomorrow night will allow me to test how far the sweep now goes.

switch removed
Switch removed
park switch
park Switch
switch opened
Switch opened
switch insides
Switch insides
switch replaced
Switch replaced
gear wheels