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December 2009

A couple more trips to work, made me realise how dull the lights on the Coupé are, so a quick shop around finds a part of "Angel eye" crystal lens units, designed for the Bedford CA/CF range of Dormobiles. These, in common with a lot of UK cars of the time, were fitted with 7" Lucas headlights. I plan to fit these along with a set of Xenon bulbs to see if that can help a little.

lights off
replacement lights
lights on
Angel eyes
lights on in the dark
in the dark

The supplier claims that these lights have the correct "kick-up" on the left to pass the M.O.T. test, but I will update the info once they are fitted.

A little progress on the lights, I removed the old lights and modified the wiring to accept the new angel eyes.
With the lamps loose, the securing ring was removed from the old lamps, the rings needed a tidy up, so I rubbed them down, etched primed them, then applied a couple of coats of gloss black.
Once dry the new lights were fitted with a set of Xenon bulbs, that claim to produce 100% more light than normal, the lamp assembly was attached to the repainted rings, ready for fitting back onto the car.

wiring mod
modified wiring
rim painted
rim painted
lamps fitted
rings back on

The predicted heavy rain didn't show up, so I managed to fit the lights back onto the car. A quick inspection seem to show a "kick-up" at the left hand side as required. How good they perform will have to wait until I give the car a run.

light in place
lights in place
lamps on
lights on

A trip to work, shows that the lights work well,with quite a range on main beam, which is where the previous lights were lacking. Annoyed a couple of people when they thought they had found a space, only to find the Coupé hiding behind another car.

at work

As the sun set on the last day of the month, and year, I managed to dig the Coupé from the snow drift it had formed and had a final drive to end the year. Not good conditions, and as coupé is so low, it was bottoming out in quite a few places.

last drive
that's it for this year