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November 2006

Managed to get a few little things done in the last few days of November. The old battery had seen its days, so it was replaced by the smallest battery I could find, a 895SE designed to fit a Reliant Robin/Fox. All it needs to do is get the car started, after that the alternator will run all the systems needed.

A few other add-ons also were removed the radio and speaker, which was fitted to a rather "custom" enclosure on the engine cover between the seats.

At the same time, the alarm system fitted to the engine bay was removed.

I also took the chance to check the placement of the electric cut-off switch and brake bias control I'm planning to fit.

895SE Battery In place
New battery in place

Radio in Place
Radio ready to be removed

Radio gone
Radio gone

Speaker Box
Engine cover with speaker hole

Speaker Box back
Rear of engine cover showing speaker box

Alarm in place
Alarm in place
Alarm Gone
And now gone
Test fit of thing
Test fit of brake bias and electrical cut-off switch