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December 2006

Started the month by removing the battery tray, so I could fit a smaller and lighter version, in the process of doing this I discovered that the front brake calipers are fitted upside down, this means it would be impossible to bleed the brakes, when needed. A quick swap of sides is all that will be needed, but I might as well, change the brake hoses while I'm at it.

Brakes upside
Drivers side brake caliper fitted upside down

upside down
Passengers side is the same

Moved on a little this week, managed to go the fuel tank removed, ready for a clean up and repaint. This also will allow access to the front subframe that seems to be in reasonable good condition, and again a quick paint should be all the work needed.

Petrol Tank
Fuel tank shows a little rust, but not too bad

No tank in place
Front subframe minus the fuel tank

Also removed the front indicators that I wasn't too keen on and replaced them with a pair liberated, at the local scrapyard, from the side of an Nissan Micra, I think it smartens up the front end a bit.

New Indicators
Front indicates from a Micra fitted

Spent a noisy hour today, cleaning up the tank, all ready to paint. Also ground away the welds on the spare wheel carrier on the top and removed it, as I plan on not carrying a wheel. Gave it a quick coat of Hammerite, but with temps below freezing it was more to protect the metal, than a finished coating.

Tank Cleaned up
Tank stripped and ready to paint

Tank Painted
First coat of paint on, a few runs but that can be cured later