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November 2009

Started this month by adjusting the camber and castor on the front wheels.
The car was first set so it was sitting on a level surface, by placing a thin piece of wood under the offside wheel.
My simple camber gauge was "zeroed" on a vertical surface and then attached to the brake disc. By screwing the threaded portion of the bottom arm out, I set the camber to 1.5o negative camber.
Then once the camber was set the wheels were swung 20o left and right, the angles noted, and the caster angle was then adjusted to 3o by lengthening the tie-rods.
I gave the car a quick road test, and it seems that I need to add a little more caster, but I will take the chance to check the toe-in/out before I do this.

camber gauge
simple camber gauge
wheel camber
camber set
camber set

While adjusting the tracking on the front wheels, I wasn't too happy with the amount of thread left on the track rod ends, so rather than buy the expensive "competition extended" ends available from the specialist suppliers. I remembered a trick from my youth and bought a set of Triumph Spitfire ends. These are the same thread and fitment, but are slightly longer, allowing more thread to engage.

trackrod end
track rod end

Several trips to work, allowed me to do a rough calculation on the fuel consumption. At the last fill up I zeroed the trip and 124 miles later I filled back up.

trackrod end
14.33 litres

So calculating the Gallons from litres give 14.33 Litres = 3.152 Gallons so an average of 39.34 Mpg. The carburetor is still not adjusted so it will be interesting to see if any improvement happens.