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September 2017

With the car running well, we decide we could travel further away from home, so we booked in to visit the Bo'ness revival at Kinneil house.
We decided to break the Journey at the Dundee Museum of Transport, a lovely little museum, well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Museum of Transport

We then carried on to Falkirk, where we were staying overnight, we took the chance of a lovely evening to go visit the Falkirk wheel, boat lift.

Falkirk wheel
Falkirk wheel

Next morning we drove to Kinneil house, where we enjoyed a sunny day of classic hill climbing. On the way home, we took our last trip across the Forth Road Bridge, before it ,sadly, closed on the following Thursday for private vehicles.

Taking our place

One of the problems discovered on the trip home from Bo'ness, was despite the top of the gauge panel being matt black, it still caused a reflection in the windscreen. A quick trip to Dunelm mill, resulted in a cheap off-cut of black felt. This was glued with contact glue to the top of the cover and it was ready to re-attach.

Pegged in place
Glue set