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October 2017

Once the glue had dried on the dash cover it was fitted back into the car

Dash cover back in

When I plumbed in the cooling system, I directly connected the heater matrix with no way of controlling the heat output. I have left a spare switch on the dash for this reason. So after search fruitlessly for a Fiat Uno heater valve (Part no 7645572 if anyone knows of one), I decide to get a similar unit off Ebay.

heater valve
heater valve

This was cable tied into place while I test it and make a bracket up.

The following Sunday we took a quick trip over to the local petrol-head breakfast held at Fennel in Inverurie the valve seems to be doing the job so far.

V8 Breakfast

I like to carry a fire extinguisher in the car, just in case. But with changing the seat, I had never got around to refitting it. This time I made a couple of brackets to mount it under my legs onto the bolts that hold the seats in. If I find that it's not comfortable, I can always move it to the passengers side.

Fire extinisher
Fire extinguisher

When I fitted the Metro drive flanges on the rear, to allow the Golf brakes to fit, this had the effect of moved the wheel out a little, this along with the 185/60R13" tyres meant that I needed arch extension to cover the wheels.
To get through the MOT I made up a couple of fiber-glass extensions and added a little edge trim. I'm a little unsure what the law says about the issue, but covered them anyway.
These were functional, but I didn't like the look and they were far too wide. I had been playing with the rear camber, after the MOT, and this had also tucked the tyres in a little more.
I have now cut these back so that they are only 10mm wide, the width of the edge trim. I feel that these may not be a permanent addition, but I will see how I feel about them over the next few months.

Arch extensions
Arch extensions