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December 2007

Again not much progress being made this month. It's just before Xmas and this is the first thing I've done.

I was lucky enough to be invited to beta test the rev limiter module for the Megajolt I have. The small board arrived today and will need to be fitted to the megajolt box.

Rev limit module
Rev Limit module for Megajolt

Started today off by fitting the board to the main unit. Decided that I was going to hard wire the unit, just incase the screw connectors came loose later.

hardwired module
Screw connectors removed

To make the connection at the megajolt end, I cut the pin that was used as rev cut out and reconnected the rev limiter trigger to the pcb, the pin now can be used as power out to the coil. this will mean a quick re-make of the wiring loom but shouldn't be too bad to do, once the rain/snow stops.

Rev limit module
connector modified

As the box I'm using is non-standard part, I fixed the rev limiter to an off cut of plastic card, and slipped it into the spare slots inside the case.

Rev limit board
Board on carrier

Well the rain stopped long enough to allow me to retrieve the loom inside. Once unwrapped I added a new wire to feed the coil pack, from the rev limiter, rather than the 12V supply line. A few minutes later it was re-wrapped and ready to refit.
Diagram here

modified loom
modified loom.

Finished the month and year off by buying a Facet "Gold Top" or sometimes know as a "Silver Top, fast road" fuel pump, with having the Weber fitted I felt it was needed to have a better supply of fuel available. These pumps can deliver 26 UK Gallons an hour, at up to 8 Psi.

Gold Top pump
Facet "Gold top" pump