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November 2007

Started this month by fabricating a replacement heater take off, I never was happy with the tap I had used to replace it back in March. It still made the connecting hose too high, which I think would result in an air lock, unless I was careful. So as I managed to acquire some copper sheet, I soldered on a 90 degree bend onto some and made a take-off.

heater take off

heater take off

While on a visit to the scrap yard again, I was looking for some air vents, both for the dash and for the side of the body work, I raided a Rover Metro/100 and a Range Rover to get these.


air Vents

Almost another month gone with little progress on the car, but today was a good one as far as parts goes, first of all Mini Sports delivered the two top arms I have been waiting on.

New top arms

New top arms

Then a good friend, who needs to remain anonymous in case his bosses are reading, managed to find time to turn the front pulley and Sierra trigger wheel so I can fit them both and get the Megajolt up and running.

Front Pully Turned

front pulley turned

A lot of people aren't happy with the dashboard layout in the Coupé, myself included. I had thought about using a digital display, but I'm starting to think that it doesn't suit the "feel" of the car. So I decided to have a go at modifying the dash, so I can have all 3 gauges in front of the drivers.

modified dash layout

modified dash layout

All I need to do now is give it a skim of filler, to remove the pattern, then a coat of matt paint.

As part of this I also decided to "de-chrome" the surrounds on the gauges.

matt guages

Gauges surrounds made matt