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December 2008

Bit of a mistake to start this month with. While moving the Coupé off the trailer to adjust the height of the suspension, I forgot to apply the brakes, and a few minutes later, I had a see through fence.

fence hole
Hole in Fence

Finished the day off by getting the passengers seat finally fixed in place along with the harnesses.

harnesses fitted
Harnesses in place

After an experiment with an electric heater, I decided to return to the original method, of piping hot water through the matrix. To do this meant running a couple of pipes up the central tunnel and "t-ing" off the return pipe into the top hose. To make things a little neater I used copper pipe and some plumbing fittings.

t piece
T Piece
Painted T
A coat of paint
Heater ends

This changes, returns the plumbing layout, to the normal Mini layout.

new cooling layout
new cooling layout

A quick trip to the scrapyard yielded a replacement top hose that allowed me to finally complete the plumbing. A quick top up of water and it seems to work. 34.8°c with an outside temperture of 2.9°c, I feel this slowly turning into one of those Aktoman type post, so I will stop now.

2.9 degree
34.8 degree
nice and toasty