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GTM Coupé Page 25

November 2008

The seat mountings was the first thing to get attention this month, as the car runs so close to the ground, the lowest point is the reinforcing bars for the seats. The bolts that previously were in place, had been ground down by the odd contact with the ground. So I decided to use countersunk bolts, so I countersunk the holes drilled for the runners with a 16mm (M8) countersink bit, this was a slow and messy task because of the amount of oil, I was using to keep the bit cool.

countersink drilled
countersink bolt in place
bolt in place

The engine steady's were next for a little attention, when I had the car running I noticed that the engine moved quite a bit on its mounts. I ordered up a set of "poly" bushes and removed the two engine steady bars, on removing the bottom bar, I found that the bracket to the gearbox was snapped. So I fired up the welder and joined it back together and tried to strengthen it a little by building up the sides.

bracket repaired
bracket repaired
bush in place
top bushes in place
bush in place
lower bushes in place

A sudden cold snap limited the amount I could get done on the Coupé, but a quick repair was done on the exhaust which had previously fallen off, when the rubber mount failed.

exhaust in place
Exhaust back in place