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July 2009

The first few days of the month, saw me adding additional coats of P40 to the replacement panel, sanding it down between each layer. Then followed by a couple of coats of P38 and again sanding it down.  Finally a coat of hi-build primer was added and hopefully will get sanded tomorrow.

another coat of P40
P38 filler
second coat of P38
sanded again

Started today by quickly turning the engine over, as I do now and then. Forgot that I had connected back up the ECU, so it shattered the peace of the day slightly.

Big Bang

Before a thunderstorm forced me inside, I started to strip some of the glue and "body schultz" that covered some of the surfaces. This turned out to be a rather dusty job!

paint stripped
paint removed

With a change of sparkplug's the engine started again. No signs of smoke or any strange noises, but with no exhaust I didn't want to run it too long.


To solve the exhaust issue, I paid a trip to my favourite scrapyard, and picked up a suitable bit of exhaust, along with another top hose for later, and welded it to the short stub on the silencer. Now all that's needed is to fit it.

exhaust made longer
welded on stub

While sanding the floor I discovered that the clutch cylinder was dripping fluid. So I decided to removed it and checked the seals, which if you have even owned a Mini you will know that involves lying in the car, your head in the footwell, removing the split pin and pushing out the clevis pin. Once out I pulled out the seals which look ok, so I gave the bore a quick smooth and clean and we will re-assemble it and see what happens.

clutch cylinder removed
clutch cylinder removed
clutch seals
Clutch seals

After a few days off at the Glamis transport extravaganza. An early start saw the clutch master cylinder reinstalled, and along with the brake cylinder, sealed into place. A final sand followed by a big clean up and vacuum, saw the interior metal ready for a paint. Half way through, and a surprise thunderstorm, saw a hastily covering of the car, so painting could carry under cover.

ready to paint
ready to paint
under cover
inside cover
still dry

Removing the cover an hour later, shows that the paint has dried, and another coat, tomorrow should cover the mottled effect.

paint shine
Mottled effect

Another day spent dodging thunderstorms, but quite a list of things done.
Firstly the exhaust was put back on.
Then brake pipes on the rear subframe were both been replaced, as I had reused old parts and wasn't happy with them. A bracket was fabricated to hold the bias valve and the clutch and brakes were bled, followed by adjustment of both the clutch and the handbrake.
The top hose was replaced, and the heater hoses clipped into place. Allowing the coolant to be filled and the engine to be given a quick run.
Finally the unsightly sealant around the windscreen was removed, just in time for the rain to come again.

exhaust back on
bias valve bracket
new pipes
new brake pipes