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October 2007

Another visit to the Local Scrapyard, for a look around, and I find a good old Ford Sierra, so I strip the trigger wheel off the front. This is the last piece of the collection of parts I need for the Megajolt ignition.

sierra trigger wheel

sierra trigger wheel

On returning home I set to the wheel with some heat, then some cold and a big lever. A few minutes later and I had separated the part I needed.

trigger wheel apart
trigger wheel apart

All I need to do now, is remove the front pulley from the engine and get it turned down on a lathe to fit the wheel, seems like someone at work will have a small job to do later on this week.

Spent more money on ebay and picked up an Acewell Ace 2853 digital speedo, rev counter and fuel gauge. This unit is designed to fit to motorbikes and quads, but is also used on a few kitcars as well. Having warning lights fitted to it means that I can replace the whole dash with just the one unit. The only thing lacking is a temperature and oil pressure reading, but this can be cure with either another gauge or a little circuit and some led's.

Acewell Ace 2853
Acewell Digital Speedo

Well managed to borrow a 1.5/16" socket from work and after a little struggle removed the crank pulley. Will take it in tomorrow and see if someone can turn it to fit the 36-1 ring from the Sierra.

Crank pulley Crank Pulley

mini pulley with trigger
mini pulley with trigger

Spent today, making up some brackets to hold the coil pack and EDIS unit, and also stripping down the connectors so I can make a loom up later. As a few people have been asking how to do this I have made a separate page here

Now that I have managed to get the pins out, I set about constructing my own wiring loom for the Megajolt.

megajolt loom
Megajolt loom

Still needs wrapped, but it seems to fit. I'm going to power the EDIS off the coil feed, and have added in the "Clean Tach Out" wire to connect to the original Rev counter wire. This means that I can stick the coil back in if needed. It looks in the picture that the coil pack isn't held in, but the holes are threaded and it's bolted in from underneath.

wrapped megajolt loom
Wrapped Megajolt loom

Wrapped all the electrics for the Megajolt, and fixed some of the wrapping on the GTM loom, where it had came apart. Also took the chance to tidy up the routing of the electric and shorten some of the cables, to make the engine bay a little neater. Also re-routed the throttle and choke cables.

Finished the month by buying a repair kit for the rear suspension, unfortunately I was unable to get replacement top arms at the time, so will have to have a go at removing the pins from the arms I have.

replacement suspension parts
Replacement suspension part