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October 2008

Another month starts slowly due to the weather, but a dry day allows me to get a little work done on the projects.
Started by replacing the torn bellows that covers the drawbar on the trailer, before the bad weather set in, washing any grease off.


Also managed to find a store that still stocked sticky number plated digits, so I replaced the few digits that had started to peel. Normally I always blank the numbers of the cars, to avoid any problem, with people "ringing" the cars, however my guess is with a car like this, it's less likely, let's hope I'm right.

number plate
new digits

The rest of the work for the day, goes unseen. I had planned to wire brush the subframe's and under the car, then I was going to paint the underside and apply some underseal/stonechip. While doing this I discovered a patch of rust, and decided to cut the part away and replace it. So the rest of the day was spend, cutting, cleaning, welding, seam sealing and painting. At the same time, I attached one of the driver side backing plate for the harnesses, as it had been removed during the first round of welding.

Well spent yet another day lying on my back under the car, brushing off any rust and giving the underside a coating of red oxide paint, ready for undersealing.

red oxide on floor
My view over the last days

At the same time, I put the drivers seat in position, and had a quick, if illegal, trip around the block in the car.

drivers seat in place
drivers seat in place

Another parcel through the post this morning, all the way from Bulgaria, inside were a set of rear lights from the Turkish manufacturer Ayfar, model ST 1005. I think these look a bit more traditional that the ones currently fitted.

new lights
Ayfar light units
odd lights on car
One light in place
new lights on car
Both lights in place