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September 2008

Slowly approaching the end of the rebuild, so I rigged up some door releases, inside the car. All you need is the inner cable from a Subaru Legacy boot release cable,short lengths of brake tubing for the ferrules, a couple of brackets to hold them in place, and a Tesco Value Skipping rope for the handles and tubing Smiley, total cost 20p.

door release
door release
door release

Since I got the Coupé, I have been annoyed by the "Scoop" that was on the bonnet. So I decided whilst I had the bonnet off to tidy up the air intake under the bumper, I would remove and smooth off the scoop. First stage was to cut the scoop off, and sand down inside the bonnet.

old scoop
no scoop
Scoop Removal

A little more progress with the scoop tonight, I made up a simple perspex cover, that was covered in parcel tape, and fixed it over the hole. Then, working from inside the bonnet, I put a layer of resin on, once this was tacky, I laid on three layers of matting, each layer being slightly bigger that the previous. A few hours later the cover was removed, leaving a surface that once it has had a little more time to harden fully will be ready for sanding,

covered scoop
resin coat
hole glassed over

Along with filling the scoop hole, I also tidied up the air intake at the front of the car under the bumper. I added a small lip to the edge and set the grill further back. It will need the previous black paint removed later.

grill set back
grill set back

Sanded down the bonnet, now it has time to harden, and placed it back onto the car. The finish is very good, with just a small pinhole to worry about later.

smooth bonnet
smoothed bonnet
smoothed bonnet

Also painted up the grill material, and by printing the GTM logo on paper, and carefully cutting it out, I made a mask and painted the logo onto the grill, doesn't look too bad I think.

grill logo

Logo on grill